Perhaps you are one who is automobile crazy; you can afford not take a go on a new model of a Car or SUV truck. Of course, you are going to have quite of choices to make out so many that are being turned out on a yearly basis from various automobile assembly plants.


A car can be defined as a vehicle with four wheel designed to carry a limited numbers of passengers. It is primary designed for family use. A typical car will have the capacity to carry maximum of 5 passengers inclusive of the driver.


SUV as they are generally called can as well be described as suburban utility vehicle. This is designed to carry more passengers than the normal car which hitherto prior to 1990 were majorly the vehicles that are commonly used. This brand of vehicle can as well be classified as light truck, however operated as a family vehicle. It is elegantly designed, wonderful and beautiful interior settings which makes the vehicle more comfortable than Car. It became prevalent in the late 90s and early 2000s. When it was invented at this period there was high patronage by buyers, but nosedived due to the decline in the world economy and increase in oil prices. This decline can be traceable to the volume of gas consumption which was highly uneconomical.

However, it is gradually gaining re-energized patronage because the level of fuel consumption has now reduced, thus making it to be fuel efficient. The fuel efficiency is the modification by manufacturers to the SUVs so that patronage will encouraged and sales increased.
Above all, your choice of purchase between a car and a SUV can be of so many reasons, taste, family needs and or your social status.