The world of technology in this fast moving age is introducing quite numbers of equipments that will make life easy for human being. To the level you will enjoy technology can conveniently be said to be a function of your plan, purpose and level of fund you have in your purse.
This article is focusing on special equipment, which is called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The other name that is give to it is Drone. For the purpose of this article, I will use the word “Drone”. There are diverse types of drones, depending on their technology and purpose of built. Some are built for military reconnaissance, some for agricultural needs, and some for recreational purposes. In all of these, drones are wonderful robots. 


You are probably thinking what is the purpose of building drones? What are the tasks that can be saddled with drones? These are the likely probing questions that can come into your mind. Now, a typical drone can do any of the following tasks;

  • Military Operations such as reconnaissance and spying.
  • Security survey over petroleum pipeline
  • Deployed and engaged by organization to watch over their various sites and locations.
  • Agricultural usage, such as irrigational work on farmlands.
  • Recreational purposes, for kids and adult alike.
  • Fire fighting purposes.

Drones are practically unmanned as it can be remotely controlled by personnel at a given and different location. It receives programmed instruction of the assignment to be carried out by it at a targeted location. The technological puzzle is that, such programmed instruction is never redirected by the drone to a wrong destination or target. It is usually swift and direct to target.


The use of drones has given rise to many benefits to humanity, such that its manufacture is on the increase. The following are the few benefits that are highlighted, although not exhaustive.

  • In the military intelligence gathering, it has reduced human casualties. Dangerous zones are usually surveyed through the deployment of drones.
  • Cost reduction; in this situation, cost of mobilizing men and officers in terms of military operation is drastically minimized.
  • Labor cost are reduced where organizations deploys drones (robots) to work on their production line.
  • Faster output where drones are employed to work.

Overall, it is a great leap in technology as the invention of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has become handy and makes life much easier than it was in the past.