Technology has never been static; it is dynamic given the changes in times and the need of humanity in general. This is what informs the writing of this article specifically on some Lap Tops which are specifically designed to meet specific purposes. To this end, this piece is centered on Gaming Lap Tops. They are beautiful, classy and attractive in design. It is not only about this wonderful description, but also inclusive of the multipurpose the Lap Tops serves.


There are diverse models and brands of these special equipments, your choice is a function of the kind of game you need and also your budget. I will look at two brands for the purpose of this article, and these are;

1. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-573G-79JP Gaming Laptop:

This is one of the best gaming Lap Top you can think of investing your hard earned income on. There are wonderful features in it that makes gaming experience worthwhile. It has the following key features:

• HDMI port with HDCP support

• Three USB ports;

(a). 2.0 USB Port

(b). 3.0 USB Port

(c). 3.0 USB Port (supporting power off charging)

• Digital Media Card Reader (This supports SD/Micro SD)

• 6th Generation Intel i5 processors with Turbo boost Technology.

The strong points of this model are given below;

• It makes an appeal for dual purpose usage of playing games and for other usage that it may be intended for.

• The technical parts of powerful 8GDDR3 and 4G VRAM are efficiently built with a view of running application game effortlessly when in use. This is attributable to the installed graphic card which supports DirectX12.

• The storage capacity is enhanced in such a manner that, the user can have quite a lot of music and movies of his choice.

• It is portable, as its weight of 5.3 pounds makes it handy for the owner.

The defects are;

• The battery is permanently installed.

• It is not accompanied by SSD Card which is essential for complementing game playing.

• Installed track pad is not responsive as it should, and you may need to buy mouse to support it.

• The lifespan of its battery is 6 hours.

2. ASUS VivoBook V451LA-DS51T 14-Inch Touch Screen Gaming Lap Top:

This is yet another wonderful gaming lap top that money can buy. Elegantly designed and sophisticated. It can serve dual purpose of gaming and “mobile” office. Its basic feature includes the following;

• It is built to run on Windows 8

• It has 4th Generation Intel Corei5-4200 1.6 GHz, this deliver superior power efficiency and your planned performance target for your daily task.

• 6 GB of RAM • 500 GB of Hard Drive spinning at 5400 rotations per minute.

• Premium brushed metallic texture with chick let keyboard.

• Ultra slim 1”, yet with optical drives and large speakers.

• Intuitive 14”HD (1366*768) Touch Screen

• Instant On: its Super Hybrid Engine II delivers 2 seconds wake up from hibernate mode.

• 3GB Web storage Strong Points:

The following are the strong points of Asus VivoBook gaming Lap Top

. • Portability, it is ultra slim, thus enables the user to slit into his bag.

• Seamless blending of the keyboard with the body.

• Installed with audio wizard, which give room to your listening experience aided by the following;

(a) Streaming an album.

(b) Watching your favorite movies.

(c) Playing the latest video games.

(d) Deeper and richer bass as you listen to its output.

(e) Clear and audible sound production

. • It has the ability to access the cloud disregarding your location.

• It can share data and files.

• It can update and synchronizes with all your devices.

• Most importantly, it can back up your files in the cloud. Defect There are only few noticeable defects and they are;

• Battery Life Span is 5 hours.

• The size of the Lap top is 14’’ To this end, Gaming Lap Tops should not be seen as only good for gaming purposes, but also useful for other uses.